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Hello! Welcome to the all-new, the newest overnight sensation on the Internet!

My name’s Mark Levit and I’m the proprietor of™, a University Professor and former New York advertising executive. This blog, web site and I are all part of a long story. See, I had a fascination with eyewear at an early age. I was disappointed when I didn’t need glasses as a kid. Everyone in my family wore glasses. All the kids at school wore glasses.

But me? They might as well have called me "Mr. 20/20" because I could spot a gnat on a bench a mile away.

Lucky me.

But years later, when the onset of presbyopia, or near-sightedness, required me to use reading glasses for the first time, I was bummed by the lack of hip over-the-counter styles available. Realizing that Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers wanted more than utilitarian reading glasses sold at drug stores or websites, I searched around cool styles. I found some here & there. So I bought some for myself.

In the mid-1990s, during the Internet boom, I was teaching at New York University. Alice, my Program Director, told me I’d be teaching Internet Marketing, a subject about which I knew nothing!

But I started attending tech meetings, hobnobbed with a bunch of 26-year-old brainiacs, and listened closely. That's how I learned about the Intenet.

Students said my class was fun. That motivated me to learn more so I could teach more. Since I was learning by doing, I decided to establish a "lab" to teach the way I was learning. I wanted to let my students see and work with not just the part of a website we all see when we surf the web, but "the back end," the inner workings that make a site tick.

That’s when was born.

It's been upgraded substantially since its early days. But the site's mission remains: to be the preeminent online boutique featuring cool reading glasses for men and women.™

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