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About Bifocal Lenses

Traditional Bifocals
"Bifocals" are glasses wherein the top part of the lenses isn't magnified. When looking down through the lenses, though, bifocals deliver the correct magnification enabling the user to wear the glasses comfortably even when not reading.

Bifocal lenses work by providing no magnification at the top of the lens, and close up magnification at the bottom. The result is no demand on the wearer to put glasses on and take them off for reading and seeing far.

Bifocals create vision that's nearly perfect when looking near or far. 

Presbyopia is a natural visual condition in which the eye requires magnification for close up vision. Bifocal lenses accommodate people with presbyopia (which is encountered by nearly everyone at about age 40) by correcting near vision.

People who need correction for close up vision when looking up or down often select lenses called "double segment bifocals." Double segment bifocals are the lenses identified by their horizontal "D" shape toward the lens bottom.

Bifocal Sun Readers
These provide full UV protection across the entire lens. They shield the wearer's eyes when reading outdoors or driving. Just like clear bifocal lenses, most of the lens provides no magnification so they can be worn as regular sunglasses. The lower half of the lens provides magnification for reading, checking the car's dashboard dials, and such.

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