P5000 Replaces Gels®

Gels®* Reading Glasses by Scojo New York®* have been a favorite of American style meisters for over 25 years. You may be familiar with them. But if you’re not, envision the eyewear worn by Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Teddy Roosevelt. Gels are rimless and have a clearly identifiable shape.  A shape popular our granddad’s day.

Scojo New York’s Gels reading glasses fit almost everyone’s face, are lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Creator of the P5000

Saw him at the optical expo. But contractually, we can’t tell you who he is.

Scojo New York (which, to mess with your head, is located in Minneapolis) was founded as ScojoVision by a New York eye doctor and his colleague who sold the company to pursue philanthropy. But, despite Gels being embraced by upscale buyers in fancy stores, a bazillion pairs were returned soon after they were bought, the result of faulty manufacturing.

Enter the chief designer at Scojo New York. (Contractually, we’re not allowed to mention Dave’s name. But we grabbed a  photo of him at a recent trade show. Cool dude, right?) He re-designed and re-engineered the product repeatedly until it met his meticulous quality standards.

P5000 reading glasses from Evolve Eyewear

                         The P5000: Select from 7 awesome colors

Natch, he kept their old-fashioned look and had them handcrafted to withstand the wear any good pair of quality reading glasses must endure.

But that talented designer left Scojo New York recently and now works under the moniker of Evolve-Eyewear. Realizing the popularity and functional qualities of the old product, he’s reimagined the lightweight, flexible, easy-to-carry reader from scratch. Being a creative type, he calls them the “P5000.”

First and foremost, he focused on quality components and manufacturing and made the frame and temples from extremely durable TR90 surgical plastic. He made them exceptionally lightweight and flexible. He concentrated on exceptional clarity with great full-vision acetate lenses. He imbued the product with styling that’s a lot more modern than its predecessor. And most importantly, he increased the lens surface area which is both reflection resistant and provides you with a wider field of view. So, you’ll genuinely look better and see better with the P5000.

Virtually every one of VisAcuity.com’s customers who have tried them has loved their look, feel, and how clearly they see up close.  Many, over the short life span of the new product, have bought more pairs in different colors to enhance their reading glasses wardrobes.

It’s time for you to put your eyes behind these beauties. Get yourself a pair of P5000s and see what you’ve been missing.

If you don’t like them, we’ll take them back. And we’ll pay for shipping both ways!  You just can’t lose. But you can win a better look and clearer up-close vision!


*Gels® and Scojo New York® are registered trademarks of Ogi, LLC

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