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   Why "cheaters" or "cheater glasses"?

Why some people refer to reading glasses as cheater glasses.

You may have heard refereces to cheaters or cheater glasses. As far as we've been able to determine, the terms were likely developed by optometrists or opticians who have a financial interest in selling customers costly prescription eyeglasses. They meant the term to be derogatory — perhaps to suggest the user was cheating him or herself out of proper optical correction.

The terms caught on and are now considered affectionate references to what opthamologists (or Eye MDs) often recommend to their patients who need a little extra magnification to see clearly up-close: cheater glasses.

Cheaters, cheater glasses, or cheater readers are ready made magnifying eyeglasses representing today's definitive statement of style. Cheater glasses have evolved into more than an aid to clearer vision. They're an important element of fashion. VisAcuity.com is the place you'll find quality competitively-priced cheater glasses to enhance your wardrobe.

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