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VisAcuity.com Helps Boomers See Through Nostalgic Glasses

Miami (March 19, 2008) — Baby Boomers are profoundly nostalgic for the 60s, according to VisAcuity.com LLC spokesman Mark Levit.

As a result of that assertion by sociologists, VisAcuity.com has introduced its line of sixties-inspired designs for reading glasses. These are readers that Boomers not only want but need because of Presbyopia, a condition that affects people middle-aged and over. Presbyopia results in blurry close-up vision and is corrected with the use of reading glasses.

"VisAcuity reading glasses are fun and functional. Baby Boomers, deeply nostalgic for the 60s, have embraced the designs and made them a favorite," said Levit. "With the new VisAcuity reading glasses line Boomers can change a mild disorder such as Presbyopia into a fashion statement."

Levit added, "We’’ve also learned Boomers differ from their prior generation with preferences for stylish designer eyewear instead of the ordinary reading glasses worn by Senior Citizens. VisAcuity and the other brands of reading glasses available on VisAcuity.com present an opportunity to own a range of cool glasses at popular prices."

"Reading glasses for Seniors were utilitarian. But with the VisAcuity.com line of 60s nostalgia designs, they've become a fun and essential part of a Baby Boomer's wardrobe," concluded Levit.

VisAcuity.com is the leading online resource for cool designer reading glasses. The web site is operated by VisAcuity.com LLC. For more information visit www.visacuity.com.





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