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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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What strength of reading glasses should I purchase?
What have other customers said about VisAcuity.com?
How long will it take for my order to ship?
How may I return merchandise for exchange or credit?
Do VisAcuity.com glasses arrive with a case?
What is VisAcuity.com's guarantee or return policy?
Is this a secure site?
How may I contact you?
May I place my order or make an inquiry on the telephone?
I've forgotten my password. How may I retrieve it?
How do I change my email address on file in my account?
I have a large head and need longer temples. Can you get larger glasses for me?

Have a question that hasn't been answered yet? We're always trying to improve the quality of information on our website, so please feel free to send us questions you have about VisAcuity.com's products or shopping processes.

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The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your eye care professional. Have your eyes examined regularly and always follow your eye care professional's instructions. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or visual distortion, consult your eye care professional immediately.

What's your VisAcuity?

Take this Eye Test

Print the chart below from your computer. Hold the printed chart about 14 inches from your eyes without your glasses. Read each line from top to bottom. See the suggested "diopter" strength indicated on the first line you can no longer read clearly. That's your suggested strength and should work for you. The lower the number, the higher your VisAcuity. Your eyecare professional should always be consulted on a regular basis when vision problems occur. Plus, you should have an annual vision checkup if you're over 40.

Eye Chart

Customer Testimonials

"Glasses arrived in great shape. I’ve never had an issue with the glasses I’ve purchased from VisAcuity.  When I need another pair I’ll be back..."
Ron M., Fullerton, CA
"...I can't begin to not only "Thank You!" but the quality of all 4 pairs purchased could not be believed! Both my wife and I just shook our heads in disbelief! What great quality eyeglasses! With spring hinges! (Are you kidding me!) I could do a commercial on these glasses...there [sic] that good! Really, I thought "there must be a mistake?" I will buy from you...from here on out! Nobody can beat these prices and quality! NOBODY! You are second to NONE!"
Jeffery S. M., Mentor, OH
"I have nothing but praise for VisAcuity.  I’m wearing my latest purchase as I type this.  I like that there are so many styles- many more than your average optometrist would have. And the prices are great, as well."
Richard K., Richmond, BC
"VisAcuity--top shelf recent experience with VisAcuity--good products, even more fabulous service. Our government should work so well. I'll be back."
W. J. C. St Albans, VT

"I've already passed on a link to your site to my sister and two other friends who wear readers, and I'll keep spreading the word. Keep up with the great selection and service "

Dave S. Champaign, IL

"I received my glasses yesterday, and they make me look like a super cool Rock Star! And I can see! Thank you!"

Susie J. Estacada, OR

"Wow! Awesome customer service! I've enjoyed doing business with you and I'm sure I'll be ordering again as my vision, sadly, requires a stronger lens. You can be sure I'll tell people about your company."

Mary S. Carmichael, CA

"Thanks again for your unbeatable, personal customer service"

Andy H. New York, NY

"I found your website easy to navigate and it also provided good information. I will definitely purchase from you in the future."

Lorraine A. Bolton, MA

"You have such a wonderful selection of specs; it was hard making a decision. The good news is: since one can ever have too many reading glasses, e.g. a pair for the kitchen, pair for the study, a pair for the car.....I may be visiting your site again, soon."

Michelle S. Denver, CO

"I will be ordering another pair of glasses and my wife will be ordering a pair as well. Probably early next week."

Gary P. Canonsburg, PA

"Great service and I appreciate it!"

Bob L. Dulles, VA

"Arrived QUICKLY. And YES, as always I love them."

Ann F. Gibsonia, PA

"Everyone compliments me and I tell them where I got them. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! Will be back for more soon!"

Paula F. Key Largo, FL

"Ordering from VisAcuity was easy and fast. I appreciate your acknowledgment and follow up from the time I placed my order until now. VisAcuity has been added to my "favorites" and I will order from the website again."

Sara B. Dallas, TX


Marla R. Houston, TX

"got em, love em, appreciate your following up & the super service i got. i'll be ordering again & recommending you to all my friends. thanks again."

Sandra S. Nacogdoches, TX

"The glasses were received very timely. I do love them, they are much better quality than anything I was finding in the stores. I will gladly recommend your website to family and friends."

Rachel M. Bedford, NH

"...arrived very quickly, and are probably the nicest reading glasses I've had. Nice reading glasses are very hard to find. Thank you for the wonderful service."

Nancy K. Chestertown, MD

"Keep up the great and timely customer service."

Ricky B. Lyons, IL

"The most beautiful reading glasses I have! Thank you!"

Jeannouel V. Curacao, Netherlands

"My experience with your company has been great. The packages arrive very quickly. I have referred people to your site."

Jacque H. Tucson, AZ

"I received my glasses a day or two earlier than expected and am very happy with my order - I'm actually wearing a pair of them now as I type this email. "I've been surprised and pleased with this personalized service - there's not much of that left these days. I've referred a friend of mine to your site and will be sure to refer others as well."

Sharon D. Baltimore, MD

"...they did arrive in just a few days! "And I love the quality - I could tell online from your website they were very nice quality, and they are!! Will shop through you again!"

Heidi B. Watertown, CT

"I do all my shopping on the internet because I am handicapped...and I have to say that you are, by far, the best businessman and person I have ever done business with and that includes a lot of people over the years."

Shari B. Piedmont, OK

"My job is related with meeting a lot of customers and every day at least 20 people compliment my glasses and ask me where did I get them from…so, I’m your  advertisement..."

Petia A. Fort Lee, NJ

"Love the personal touch with an owner who's involved!"

Bea L. Birmingham, MI

"Thank you so very much...and i must say - great customer service...i am most impressed and appreciate your prompt attention..."

Dominique F. Louisville, KY

"Thank you so much for your generosity and all in all it has been a pleasure dealing with you. You always replied promptly to my emails and when there was a problem you came through promptly. I will definitely recommend you to my friends..."

Hanna R. Aventura, FL

"Thank you I appreciate you keeping in touch with me and working with me like this. It has been a pleasure. I will definitely be back to shop with you again."

Heather S. Morton, TX

Shipping policies

Our goal is to ship your order within one business day after it's received. On rare occasions, we'll ship within three business days or even a little longer if a holiday interferes with our schedule or if an item is out of stock. Your order will be shipped via standard shipping.

VisAcuity.com's charge for U.S. domestic processing & handling is a flat $5.99 regardless of where you are or how many items you purchase.

Overseas and foreign orders are subject to additional charges and are generally shipped via USPS Priority International Mail.

Although we maintain excellent relationships with the domestic and international carriers with which we work, we are, regrettably, unable to assume responsibility for their performance.


You may return items you've purchased from VisAcuity.com within 30 days of receipt for a refund or exchange. When returning merchandise, you must also return the original packing slip that was enclosed with your order. Jot a note on your packing slip indicating the reason for which you're returning your merchandise. Ship to the address on the packing slip, not to the return address on the package you receive.

We'll process your request ASAP!

Do VisAcuity.com reading glasses arrive with a case?

Yes! Every pair of our terrific reading glasses arrives with its own case.

VisAcuity.com's guarantee


If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase you may return it within 30 days (the original packing slip we enclosed with your order must be returned as well) for a full "no questions asked" refund. We must receive your returned item in brand new saleable condition with all packaging and tags intact. Jot a note on the packing slip indicating whether you wish to exchange what you purchased for another item or if you wish to receive a refund. Include the reason you're returning your glasses in your note, as well.

However, if you sit on your glasses or drop and break them, or if the dog gnaws on them and they get scratched, that isn't considered a valid reason for a return. You don’t really expect us to replace glasses that have been broken through abuse. Do you?

Review our customer testimonials and discover what our customers think of our products and service. Testimonials are posted regularly from real people. They'll give you a solid idea of why thousands of customers return to VisAcuity.com time after time after time.

Yes! VisAcuity.com is a secure web site.

We use industry-leading SSL encryption to protect your credit card and other confidential information. After you've added the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and have completed the login procedure with your email address and password, you'll be taken to our secure server environment where you'll see the padlock icon in the lower right portion of your browser. That's your indication that you are in our secure environment. There, you'll be able to complete your transaction with confidence your data is secure.

In addition, our system doesn't even reveal your credit card information to us!

We never share your personal information with any other organization.

Order online

VisAcuity.com prefers to receive orders via the Internet and to answer customer service questions via our online form.

That's the most efficient method of communication.

Updating your email address, password, or shipping information.

After you have logged in to the site, on the upper right-hand corner under the "Your Account" tab of any VisAcuity.com page, enter your old email address and password. Then click "Submit." You'll be directed to your personal record enabling you to update your email address, password, or shipping information, as you wish.

Long temples

Yes! VisAcuity.com was the first specialized reading glasses website to recognize the special needs of special guys, the big and tall! We won't send you to your local optician. Many of our reading glasses are made to order.  We feature "readymades" too. Most readymade reading glasses, including some found on VisAcuity.com, are manufactured to "average" specifications. But VisAcuity.com has a section for the "Big" or "Large" guy with components that will meet your special requirements.

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