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LASIK and Reading Glasses

Presbyopia, a condition in which the elasticity of the eye decreases and the eye’s ability to quickly adjust focus diminishes, is inevitable and incurable. It’s one of the conditions America’s aging population has to manage as it acquires wisdom and wealth.

It seemed that the only way to cope with presbyopia was to wear reading glasses…until LASIK technology was invented. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ-Keratomileusis. It’s a surgical procedure that makes permanent changes in the cornea’s shape. The purpose of the procedure is to correct, once and for all, blurred vision without the use of reading glasses.

LASIK not for everyone

LASIK, on the surface, may appear to be the best solution for people who are suffering from presbyopia, but this surgery is not for everyone. In fact, LASIK is not for people who do not want to take extreme risks with their eyes. According to the FDA, some of the known risks of LASIK include the development of severe dry eye syndrome, the occurrence of visual anomalies such as haloes, glares, and double vision, and even the complete loss of vision. There is also inadequate information about the long-term effects of LASIK surgery.

Thus, for people who don’t want to place their eyes at such risks, they will be better off with reading glasses or designer reading glasses.

You may still need reading glasses with LASIK

Unknown to many patients, LASIK cannot necessarily correct nearsighted vision. In fact, according to the FDA’s warnings, patients may still need to wear glasses or contact lenses after the surgery to fully correct their eyes for near distances, or when “performing visually demanding tasks,” including nighttime driving, operating heavy equipment, or any task requiring sharp, close vision.

Even after undergoing LASIK, some patients still have to wear reading glasses for close-up vision. This must make you question, are the risks of LASIK worth the mediocre results?

Health issues that prevent LASIK treatment

There are certain health issues and conditions that preclude LASIK as one of the options for correcting vision. For example, people with diabetes have fluctuating hormones that make their eyes’ refracting ability unstable, and therefore, are not ideal candidates for LASIK. People who take medications that can affect hormones and eyes must also avoid LASIK. People who are involved in contact sports, such as boxing, wrestling, and wushu, should forget LASIK. You don’t really want the results of expensive LASIK surgery be knocked out by a right hook.

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding must also stay clear of LASIK surgery. If you have vision problems, especially minor ones, it is best to get reading glasses instead. It is funkier and more fun to wear reading glasses, and you can adjust the style based on your mood or even outfit. The lenses can correct your vision problems, while the frames can make your face more attractive!

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