Reading Glasses that
Make People Go Aww

The web is alive with wonders. We say that because we recently met Nancy Reyes online. What were the chances of having met Nancy, celebrity publisher of the acclaimed blog, Things that Make People Go Aww? Without the Internet, the chances were close to zero. Important to this story, Nancy wears reading glasses!


Nancy Reyes,
acclaimed blogger

Originally from New Jersey (We’re from New York so we used to be “neighbors”!) Nancy moved to South Carolina with her husband, Ray, whom she refers to as “the man of her dreams.” Ray’s a lucky guy to have a wife who feels that way about him.

Nancy launched Things that Make People Go Aww in 2012 and soon after became a sought ambassador for a variety of products and brands. Her blog has continued to grow in popularity thanks to her honest reviews and popular giveaways. That’s why Nancy and her blog continue to accumulate more and more readers, followers, and fans.

That’s why we, at, are lucky. Nancy’s embraced the unique reading glasses offered by and proudly wears our Turquoise Champagne style.

Does she like the Turquoise Champagne reading glasses with custom lenses that were made just for her? Read her comments!
Nancy’s blog covers a lot of ground. From parenting, books, decorating, cooking, through to family. While she devotes her blog to those many topics, her forte is product reviews. She enjoys sharing her product experiences with others to help them make informed buying decisions.

Why not connect with Nancy and her thousands of followers? You can find her at:
Twitter: @SassyItalian41

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