Front Connect Reading Glasses; Always
Where You Left Them

Front Magnetic Connect. From CliC. It’s a simple concept. Reading glasses that hang around the neck and connect via powerful magnets in front, on demand. If you haven’t heard, they’ve taken the nation by storm. Functional CliC eyewear is available in a range of designs, many of which are more than functional–they’re fashionable. And new & different styles are being introduced all the time.

CliC Front Connect Readers

Available in dozens of styles, colors and diopter strengths.

CliC reading glasses are notable for both its most important features–front magnetic connections and wraparound temples. That makes them unique. Over time, eyeglasses have been available in almost every possible style, color, and material. But CliC is different. It’s like no other reading glass in the world.

CliC magnetic front readers connect over the nose bridge by powerful patented magnets. A clear and audible “click” is made when the left and right portions of the frames connect. Using such a magnetic closure started with NASA’s space program satisfying a need for managing the astronauts’ reading glasses in zero-gravity.

VisAcuity is proud to be an authorized retailer of CliC front connect reading glasses. They’re a great value. And for functionality, you can’t beat ’em!

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