Get Control of Your Email

A lot of us receive too many email newsletter updates. After visiting a site that captures our interest, we subscribe to the site’s newsletter.  The result?  An email inbox jammed with stuff you may or may still want to read, but not “now.”

Your inbox has become a trash bin!

For visually crowded inboxes, there’s, a free online utility that helps you manage your inbox. Spend just a little time setting it up, and:

1. It unsubscribes you from e-mail subscriptions you select.
2. It gathers subscriber list, promotional messages, and other broadcast emails into a summary you’ll receive via email every day, once per day. works only with Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Chances are, those are one of the platforms you use for email.  And, with the massive amount of email many of us receive, and the promise of getting it under control, it’s worth a try.

Bifocal Reading Glasses: Why?

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The Ugliest Cool Reading Glasses

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Cool Reading Glasses.That’s All.

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