Reading Glasses for the Lactose Intolerant [VIDEO]

Between 30 and 50 MILLION Americans suffer the pain and embarrassment—of lactose intolerance.

Symptoms of this debilitating disorder include stomach pain, gas, cramps, bloating—and diarrhea.

The research physicians at VisAcuity Labs think those symptoms are disgusting.

Hello, I’m Mark Levit. I’m not a doctor, but I look great in doctors’ clothes.

Our researchers spent tens of dollars inventing this sophisticated apparatus to assure our customers no lactose is found in our eyewear.

Every pair of our reading glasses goes through our rigorous 8-checkpoint process.

Here’s how it works. (VIDEO: Demonstration)

You’ll find no lactose in any pair of reading glasses from the medically cool collection at

That, my friend, is the milky white promise to you.

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