Porsche Reading Glasses Added to Product Lineup

Porsche P’8111 Reading Tools

VisAcuity.com has introduced the Porsche Design P’8811, a design for reading glasses recreated from the original signature style of the late Dr. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

Originated by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the famous Porsche 911 sports car built around the needs of the driver, Porsche eyewear is unique in its look and functionality, just like all Porsche products.

Porsche Design’s classic masterpiece P’8811 Reading Tools were crafted originally for the German market and VisAcuity.com is proud to be been selected to lead the limited time US online product launch.

Porsche readers unite functional, pure design with notable technical achievements. Porsche p8111 Reading Glasses, Reading Tools VisAcuity.com offers the range of full-frame and semi-rimless Porsche reading glasses each handcrafted in Italy with advanced materials including titanium and polyamide.

Some of the features of the new P’8811 include:

  • All-titanium construction
  • Half-eye coverage
  • Standard hinges
  • Offered in 3 colors
  • Paddle temple
  • Saddle bridge
  • Unisex design

The new Porsche Design P’8111 has been introduced in blackgunmetal, and gold.

Both the frame and temples of Porsche Design’s P’8811 are made of fine Japanese titanium. The characteristic Porsche Design signature is embossed on the outside of the left-hand temple.

The Porsche Design P’8811 arrives with its exclusive Porsche Design case and microfiber cloth. It’s packaging and certificate of authenticity are worthy of design awards, too.

All models of Porsche readers are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. Their high-quality, non-reflecting Rodenstock lenses assure relaxed reading not subject to distracting reflections. All styles have full lens magnification including Porsche “half readers” which enable the wearer to look over the lens for distance and through the lens for near vision.

All Porsche Design eyewear is supported by a 2-year product guarantee. That’s extraordinary in any segment of the eyewear category.

Porsche’s eyewear occupies a unique place within VisAcuity.com’s selection. The mission of VisAcuity.com is to offer the coolest reading glasses on the web. Other online boutiques and department stores cater to mainstream brands and commercial tastes. But VisAcuity.com features products and styles that appeal to upscale individualists who perceive themselves as “cool and current,” and seek style not generally found elsewhere.

For more information about the complete line of reading glasses from Porsche Design, visit VisAcuity.com.

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