Can inexpensive drug store readers harm your eyes?

Cheap readers won’t harm your eyes, but they may reduce the amount of time you can read comfortably.

Drug store readers are typically made with plastic lenses. Plastic lenses won’t hurt your eyes, but they do distort and don’t deliver optimal clarity. So, you won’t be seeing as well as you could. That may lead to headaches and fatigue.

If you don’t require the same powers for each eye and you use lenses of identical strengths, one eye will be under or over corrected. Regrettably, that’s a condition that can lead to intense fatigue and long-term discomfort.

Your local optician, or a Customer Care representative at can help you to find the best solution for your eyes.

When purchasing readers, what’s most important?

Getting the proper diopter strength is most significant. You’ll find self-administered eye tests on most websites and in retail stores. Use such a test before buying reading glasses. If you feel you are able to see best through 2 different strengths of lenses, select the lesser strength. For example, if you can see equally well through Continue reading

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