What’s cool? The minimalist P5000

“Minimalism” is a word imbued with a lot of meaning but, on the surface, the word doesn’t appear to have much meaning at all anymore (Minimalism is minimalist!). The word “Minimalism” is used thoughtlessly, and is often without the context of a book or an article, it lacks the necessary context to know whether it means the same thing to all. And frequently, it doesn’t! Candice in red P5000 reading glasses

As it happens, there are various methods to practice the same underlying, abstract foundation called “Minimalism.” So we tried our hands at fleshing them out to provide a point of view and context towards the many different ways an individual can practice it.

There’s one common thread: whatever kind of minimalist you’re, it’s a lifestyle dedicated to less, often creating its own aesthetic.

It’s about optics for the aesthetic minimalist who normally doesn’t necessarily own less, though they show or display less. Their favorite color—for walls, for linens, for dinnerware, for everything—is white. Since Minimalism is a visual matter, the aesthetic minimalist is simple to identify: pass through the colorless door and find bare countertops, bare floors, and bare walls (except for a single bit of abstract art displayed in a slim frame leaning delicately atop a plain squared-off bench).

You know the type: they throw out the mismatched hangers in the closet and purchase an expensive collection of modern hangers.

Or, there’s a really cool line print of a line drawing they admire and have hung on their wall.

And the coolest of Minimalists are selective about their reading glasses. They want them lightweight. Not too visible. Highly bendable. And they want clean lines and a wide field of view.

They want P5000s from Evolve-Eyewear, available in 7 great colors.

The P5000 provides clarity and a wider field of view than similar readers. They’re lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Do you think of yourself a minimalist? Think about a pair of P5000s for yourself