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You need blue-blocking reading glasses if you use a computer (like now!). That's because you're being exposed to HEV, or "blue light" rays. Light from our mobile phone, tablets, televisions, and computer screens can cause headaches, eye fatigue, blurry vision and more.

When overexposed to HEVs, you may suffer more serious eye problems, too. Computer glasses with melanin lenses are known to absorb damaging blue, violet & fluorescent light. They're available in reading strengths and as glasses without magnification, for those who don't need glasses--but still need protection. 


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Nannini Compact 1 Italian Made Folding Computer Glasses with Case; Amber

Don't forget to wear protection...


Our price: $24.99 (€19.69)

Bitcoin Computer Glasses with Case; Black

Your currency is clear...

Our price: $24.92 (€19.64)

Open Source Computer Reading Glasses with Case; Horn

Your open to colaboration...

Our price: $27.42 (€21.61)

Tarabyte Computer Glasses with Case; Tortoise

You have a lot in common with Moore's law...

Our price: $23.22 (€18.30)

Cloud Computing Glasses with Case

Sometimes you feel like your head's in the cloud...

Our price: $19.12 (€15.07)

Phablet Computer Reading Glasses with Melanin Lenses and Case by VisAcuity

...an awesome configuration...

Our price: $16.72 (€13.18)

Silicon Computer Glasses with Case

This eyewear computes...

List price : $29.95 , save 36%
Our price: $19.12 (€15.07)

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